Our Experience Is Your Experience!

Company team
With ZapSites, an experienced technician is always available to address your needs. Everything from designing a new graphic; to setting up a new email account; to adding a new page; to background programming; is available with just a phone call or email. You need only decide what you want from your site and we'll handle the design and execution for you. With ZapSites you will always have a skilled helper available at a moment's notice.

Established Business

Visual Design

We've been designing, building, and hosting professional, profitable websites since 1999. Almost 11 years! We've been around a long time, and we'll be here when you have a need for updates, redesign, or auxiliary services. Others come and go, but we are here to stay!

Experienced Staff


ZapSites has staff with the experience, and expertise, to tackle most any project on the Internet, including 30 years of programming experience in Perl, PHP, and MySQL. Our graphics designers will integrate your existing marketing materials with the media we use on your website, providing a cohesive image from your website across all of your other media.

Committed To You

Manage all sites

We are, as a company from top to bottom, committed to your success. So, you can count on us to be available to take your call, answer your email, or address your concern. We are committed to you and your business! We are committed to providing you with a successful web presence.

Our Capabilities Are Your Capabilities!

Complete Design Freedom
Our capabilities serve one purpose... your success! We've spent lots of time learning how to do what we do. We spend lots of time staying up to date with the latest technologies. We hone our skills constantly with one goal in mind; we have to be ready with the capability you need; the instant you need it.
Graphic Design

The power of css

Your project will feature original graphics, created from the ground up, around your business. We'll make your "on-web" personality shine!
Site Developement

Colour palettes

Your business is unique. Your website should be unique. Just imagine, a website the really represents your product or service in the very best light so you connect with every visitor. We'll make your website as unique as you are, telling the world why your product or service is the one for them.

Web Programming

Your templates

We specialize in database programming for content, directory services, or other custom needs. We'll utilize Ajax to make your site more responsive. And we can use PHP to provide interactivity and dynamic content.

Our Search Engine Expertise Can Put You On Top!

Data Classes
With years of experience on the web, we are right at the forefront when changes are made in the big search engines. Every website we build is engineered to be search friendly, recreating sitemaps and submitting them in an automated fashion so the basics of SEO are covered without the need for additional outlays.


Your extensions

Be found. It's not an overstatement to say that search engine position can make or break a company. You can spend a ton of money on "normal" advertising campaigns, or get the same or even better results with your organic placements; and search position is pretty easy to maintain once you have it. Your site will recreate its sitemap and resubmit it to the search engines every time the content is updated, so search results are a natural by-product of keeping your website fresh and new!


Use our APls

Pay-per-Click and Pay-per-Action advertising are some of the finest methods available for reaping results from your website. We'll design a program for you and implement a system to get you the results you really want.

Email Marketing

Easy Data Input

Our system supports regular email marketing to your audience, allowing you an easy method to stay in touch, announce special offers, or invite them to your latest sale.

Your Goals Are Our Goals!

We include design, maintenance, updates, email, hosting, and more; all with one point of contact for truly personal service. ZapSites provides you with a turnkey solution so you have one company to watch out for your interests. We'll coordinate all the disparate functions of running a website so you'll never hear excuses; only solutions. You make one call (or send one email) and we spring into action to make your dreams come true.

Handcrafted Design

Drag and drop

You website won't be based on a template. Most templates are used by way too many companies to be unique. We want your website to be as unique as your business, so we start from scratch and build your new website from the ground up, around you.

Expert Programming

More control

Membership systems, photo galleries, intranets, customer logins, advertising systems; we create custom solutions so you won't have to use a "cookie cutter" system that "almost" works for you. We build the software around your needs. Whatever you need, you'll get!

Bulletproof Hosting

Reuse everything

99.9% up time is just the start. Not only can you count on your website being up when a potential customer shows up, support staff is available 24/7 to assure everything works properly.

Precision Marketing

Reuse everything

In today's world, your website is the absolute hub of your business. Even though you may run TV, radio, and newspaper ads; make cold calls all day long: and take advantage of every networking opportunity you see; the first thing your prospect asks is "do you have a website"? Let us help the answer be an enthusiastic and confident "Yes"!

"Always On" Personal Service

Customer support is available by phone or email 24/7. We're not Internet "wanna be's"; we're the real deal. You will not have an issue that we cannot address and resolve. You will be satisfied. We're actually here for you!


Totall Turnkey

Expert help is available at a moment's notice; by phone or email any time. We are not Internet "wannabe's"; we are the real deal. You will not have an issue that we cannot address and resolve. You will not only be satisfied, you will be delighted. We're actually here for you!

Your Wish Is Our Command!


Since we are, at heart, a custom website development and marketing company, there are no limits to what we can, and will, do to provide you with the website you truly deserve, that will deliver the results you dream of.

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We're by the phone when you need us. Try it right now... there's no charge to test us!