Website Needs Analysis

Please answer as many, or as few, of the following questions as possible to give us a picture of the ideal website to address your business. We will use this information only to assess your needs and present the perfect system to take maximum advantage of your opportunities.

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General Information

Domain name (existing or desired)

How soon would you like your website to go live?

What is your budget for creation of the website and the costs for hosting and maintenance?


What is your primary goal for this website?

Who is your desired audience? Describe them.

Describe your ideal client.

List a couple of your "favorite" competitor's sites and the things you do and do not like about them.

List a couple websites that you really like, and list the things you do and do not like about them.

Imagine your idea of the perfect website for your business. How would you describe it?

What methods do you currently use to find new customers?

How will you market the website to find new customers?

What is your primary call to action? i.e. subscribe to newsletter, follow on Twitter, purchase a product or service, etc.

What separates you from your competition? What do you do better than your competition? What makes you the best choice for your customers?

List the keywords and keyword phrases that you would like to be found under. Try to think like your ideal customer. What might they type in the search box to find you?

Questions or Comments

Please feel free to make any comments or submit and questions that you feel would be pertinent to helping us deliver the perfect site to you.